Haitian Church of God was founded in 1995, under the leadership of Church of God Cleveland Tennessee, with 8 members. The first service began in the living room of Pastor Jean Herve Lavalasse and the late Mrs. Jacqueline Lavalasse at 47 West Hickory Street, Spring Valley, NY. Together with his 5 children and mother-in-law the Lord began a good work. Membership grew to 20 at which point a move into the basement of the house was necessary. Surely God began to grow the ministry as a sign of His presence amongst them.


In 1997, the church moved into a new location on East Hickory in Spring Valley. Many ministries were birthed during the next few years and the work of the Lord began to spread throughout Rockland County as we began to host Annual Crusades (RDJ- Reveil du Dernier Jours),  Evangelical Concerts, and much more.

In search of a more conducive location, the year 1999 marked yet another move into a new location on North Main Street, Spring Valley. Each day, the Lord added more members into the ministry. Many souls came to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior, received baptism through the immersion of water, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In search of a location to own, Haitian Church of God, in 2002 the church was elated to find an even bigger space at 286 North Main Street, Spring Valley, NY. Although the church could not reach the goal of owning it’s property, this space gave us the opportunity to grow even more. There the entire space was transformed from office spaces into a beautiful sanctuary for the Lord.

In 2005, Haitian Church of God became “Salem” Church of God; derived from Jerusalem. This is the same root name of “Shalom” meaning “peace”. Jerusalem is also known as “The Holy City”. Lives continued to transform in the church and throughout the community.

In September 2014  the Lord entrusted to us our Mission and Vision to “WIN souls for Christ, TRAIN disciples, and SEND disciples out to make an impact in the world”! Salem has a rich history and we are excited about the wonderful work God will perform through us in the future. Come be a part of that bright future as we strive for excellence in all we do.